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OCEANS Initiative

On March 4, Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Mike Clark announced the establishment of the UCI OCEANS (Oceans, Changing Environments, Arts, and Nearshore Societies) Initiative.

The Initiative will join Family Violence, Data Science, Exercise Science, Medical Humanities, Sustainability, and Water UCI as Provost-sponsored multidisciplinary projects that permit the campus to work together on issues that transcend traditional academic boundaries.

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Initiative Description

Oceans are important for the Earth System but are vulnerable to human impacts such as climate change, overfishing, and pollution. Across campus, researchers at UCI are tackling pressing marine and on-shore environmental concerns and investigating questions at both global and local scales. This Initiative will offer a fresh take on ocean research and education by embracing a vision and approach that spans the natural sciences, engineering, social science, arts, education, law, and governance and is thus distinct from other marine research institutions. With the unique collection of interdisciplinary research approaches and strong community support, UCI OCEANS is poised to become the flagship organization for urban ocean studies, while simultaneously contributing to high impact global-scale ocean research. Twenty-nine faculty from eight schools are part of this Initiative.


  1. To build an oceans research community at UCI fostering integration and innovation.
  2. To act as an interface between UCI and ocean-related organizations, stakeholders, and publics in Orange County.
  3. To encourage, enhance, and support cross-disciplinary training of UCI students at all stages working on ocean systems and marine/society interactions.
  4. To coordinate and greatly boost financial support for marine research crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries.

OCEANS Affiliated Faculty

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